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BMB’s localization services include:

  • Translation & Copywriting
  • Proof-reading and Editing
  • Legal Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Website Localization
  • Globalization Consulting

Business Linking

We offer services related to
marketing intelligence research
and partnership building
covering the region of
Middle East, Northern Africa,
Russia, CIS, and Europe.

Businessmen Services

BMB provides a range of support
services to individual entrepre-
neurs as well as corporate
groups of businessmen.
Our Consultant will be
available for your services.


Our services

BMB serves both offshore companies planning to launch their product & services to UAE- or GCC-region, as well as local corporates based in Middle East and  looking to expand to new markets.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Researching and identifying the most potential Business Partner, Investor, Supplier, Distributor or Sales Agent in the  required industry, market, and country.
  • Introducing your product to the Key decisive people in the market.
  • Marketing Intelligence Research: market scanning, pricing policy, market share, consumers’ classification, evaluation of competitors’ activities, generating leads, identifying new incoming Projects and Tenders.
  • Creating short-term marketing campaigns for launching new product or services.
  • Developing Marketing Strategy for starting up a new business in UAE.
  • Creating annual Marketing Plans and Budget for UAE-region,including both Digital and Traditional Marketing.
  • Recommending a Lawyer/ Legal Representative in Middle East, specializing in your nature of business.


  • BMB’s Consultants comprise over 15 years of hands-on experience in Marketing Intelligence Research, Business Development, Sales & Channel Distribution and have great understanding of market-specialty as well as the ways of running business in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia and CIS.
  • Our team speaks English, Arabic, Russian, French, German and Chinese.
  • We have a wide database of companies and TOP-personnel in the industries, which is constantly updated. Thus, you would save your time allowing us to introduce your product, services or offer to the RIGHT company, Right People, and in the Right Time.
  • Our Partners include Law Firms, Legal Consultants, Governmental units , Financial and Insurance companies

We also can provide a number of legal services through our entrusted Partners:

  • Company’s credibility check-up/due diligence for Investors and Business Partners
  • Drawing up of contracts and commercial agreements of any complexity
  • Arbitration and services of the lawyer in courts of the United Arab Emirates
  • Legal consultation in business projects



One of the leading manufacturing companies based in MENA-region and specializing in commercial kitchen equipment would like to appoint a Sales Agent or Distributor in UAE or any of GCC-countries. Ideal Distributor should have experience in supplying kitchenware, kitchen machinery and equipment to Hospitality & Restaurants’ Industry.
For more information, please
mail to Zhana@businessmeetsbusiness.net


Portuguese  FMCG company looking for Distributors in UAE and/or GCC. Company is dealing in beverages, food, and commodities. Over 50 brands. Required Partner: an established FMCG group, with its own warehousing & storage facilities, transportation (trucks-park); dealing in retail-distribution, food service channels (Hotels-chains and Airlines) and wholesale distribution in UAE or GCC.


The only of this type of product manufacturer in GCC, with established machinery, resources, clients, and production-cycle  is looking for a new Partner cum Investor. Up to 30 % shares are on offer; ROI- in 6 months.  If interested, please contact Adnan@businessmeetsbusiness.net